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Dale Hancock
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Born 22 March 1971

Dale is an international, award-winning wildlife film maker and photographer working for over 26 years in Africa and across the globe.

In 1993, while still studying film, Dale joined the inimitable team of Richard Goss and Kim Wolhuter on the award winning, 83 minute documentary, Beauty and the Beasts, for National Geographic Explorer. This paved the way for nearly a decade of quality blue-chip products with Wolhuter, making content for both Survival Anglia in the UK and National Geographic Explorer. During these years Dale fulfilled many roles, as Second Camera, Sound Recordist, Picture Editor, Sound Editor and Director-in-Post for most of the titles they produced. Their last partnership together, Stalking Leopards, won Dale his first Emmy in 2003 as Sound recordist and Sound Design, as well as an Emmy nomination for Lighting Design for the same film.

In 1997 and 2000 Dale also won categories at the coveted Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition run by the BBC Wildlife Magazine and the Natural History Museum of London. These were both images from a 2 year documentary filmed in Etosha, Namibia, (Blackjack: High Stateks) of "Jackal Stretching" (Dusk to Dawn category), and the graphic image of a Scops Owl resting against the tread of a vehicle tyre (Urban and Garden category).

Dale is also author and photographer of a detailed book about leopards.

Apart from Dale's vast experience as a bluechip natural history film maker, he has also worked extensively on many presenter or character driven programmes.

Dale now is an experienced cameraman and editor of all styles of factual Natural History programming, with over 50 National Geographic, Animal Planet, Smithsonian, Survival and BBC titles to his credit.

Whilst still working extensively in Africa, Dale also now travels to exotic locations by choice. 

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Accolades and Awards

Other international companies Dale has done work for include BBC NHU; Downer Productions (a 3 month feature film shoot), ABC News, Scorer & Associates, and Peartree Films

Television Awards

EMMY award for Outstanding Individual Performance in a craft, for Stalking Leopards - Sound Recording and Sound Editing (2003) 

EMMY nomination for Outstanding Individual Performance in a Craft, for Stalking Leopards - Lighting Design (2003) - Watch Video

PANDA award for Conservation, Saving Rhino Phila (2012)                     
JACKSON HOLE nomination for Conservation, Saving Rhino Phila (2013) 
SAFTA nomination for Cinematography, Saving Rhino Phila (2013) 

SAFTA award for Cinematography, Speed Kills - Savanna (2014)          

SAFTA award for Cinematography, Hippo vs Croc (2015) 

SAFTA award for Best Wildlife, Throne of the Mountain Baboon (2017) 

           Nominated for Best Wildlife, Return of the Lion & Born to Run

Photography awards

AGFA wildlife photographer of the year – top 50 - 2001

BG/plBBC wildlife Photographer of the year awards – "Urban and Garden"
2000 winner - View Image

BG/plc BBC wildlife Photographer of the year awards – "Dusk to Dawn" 1997 winner - View Image

Publishing achievements:

Dale  Hancock  is  also  the  author  and  primary  photographer  of  a  book  on  leopards  for Black Eagle Publishers, Cape Town and Swan Hill Press, England; a story based on his experiences during the filming of "Beauty and the Beasts". The book is entitled "a Time with Leopards". 


Dale Hancock has also written numerous articles for local, South African magazines; "Africa – Environment and Wildlife" (later AFRICA GEOGRAPHIC) and "Timbila" (National Parks' magazine).


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Professional experience (reverse chronology):

"Man Amongst Pumas" - Patagonia, Chile, Red Rock / National Geographic March / May 2018:- CAMERA

"Wildlife 24" - Hoedspruit, South Africa November 2017:- CAMERA

"Nepal Burn" - Nepal, Discovery May 2017:- CAMERA

"Malika, Leopard Huntress" - Botswana & Zambia, Earth Touch / Smithsonian July/August 2016 and July/August 2017:CAMERA

"Africa's Super Snake" - Durban, South Africa, Earth Touch November 2016:- CAMERA

"Return of the Lion" - Akagera, Rwanda, Earth Touch / National Geographic July - September 2015 & May 2016 - January 2017:-CAMERA Watch Video

"Sharks Among Us" - Durban, Cape Town, South Africa, Discovery Channel March 2016:CAMERA

"Throne of the Mountain Baboon" - Simien Mountains, Ethiopia, Earth Touch / National Geographic January - March 2016:CAMERA Watch Video

"Incredible Gulpers" - Durban, South Africa, Earth Touch / National Geographic 2016:- CAMERA Watch Video

"Planet Earth 2: Grasslands" - South Africa October 2015:- CAMERA

"Crazy Monster Diggers" - Harrismith, South Africa, Earth Touch / National Geographic September 2015:-CAMERA

"Blood Ivory" - Tanzania, Triosphere / Animal Planet March - May 2015:- CAMERA

"Hippos After Dark" - South Luangwa, Zambia, Earth Touch / Smithsonian August - October 2014:- FIRST CAMERA, DOP Watch Video

"Africa's Predator Zones: Coliseum" - Savuti, Botswana, Earth Touch / Smithsonian June - August 2014:- FIRST CAMERA, DOP Watch Video

"Lethal Attractions" - Ndutu, Ngorogoro, Tanzania, Earth Touch / Smithsonian January - March 2014:- FIRST CAMERA, DOP Watch Video

"Africa's Predator Zones: Open Ground" January - March 2014:- FIRST CAMERA, DOP Watch Video

"The Rhino Orphanage" - South Africa, Triosphere / SANHU August - December 2013:- FIRST CAMERA, DOP Watch Video

"Black Mamba: Kiss of Death" - South Africa, Earth Touch / National Geographic March - July 2013:- CAMERA Watch Video

"Game of Prides" - Ndutu, Tanzania, Earth Touch February 2013:- DOP

"Falcons" - Doha,Qatar, Ayn Al Shaheen, November 2012:- CAMERA DOP

"Blood River Crossing" - Masai Mara, Kenya, Earth Touch / National Geographic July / August 2012:- FIRST CAMERA DOP Watch Video

"Black Ice" - Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia, Triosphere March / April 2012:- FIRST CAMERA DOP Watch Video

"Speed Kills: Savanna" -   Serengeti, Tanzania, Earth Touch / Smithsonian February 2012:- FIRST CAMERA DOP (SAFTA Cinematography award) Watch Video

"Speed Kills: Black Lagoon" South Africa, Earth Touch / Smithsonian 2012:- CAMERA Watch Video

"Speed Kills: Dark Underworld" - South Africa, Earth Touch / Smithsonian 2012:- CAMERA  Watch Video

"Crossing the Lion" -  Triosphere November 2011 - January 2012:- PICTURE AND SOUND EDITOR

"3D" -  Moremi, Earth Touch / Smithsonian October 2011:- 3-D CAMERA AND PHANTOM DOP

"Wild Lab Shark Test" - South Africa, National Geographic 2011:- CAMERA, DOP Watch Video

"All the President's Elephants" - Hwange, Zimbawe Triosphere / SANHU August / September 2011:- FIRST CAMERA DOP Watch Video

"Dangerous Encounters: Raging Bulls" - American Bull Riding, USA - National Geographic June, 2011:- DOP Watch Video

"Dangerous Encounters: Pet Threat" - Coyotes, Snakes, USA - National Geographic April, 2011:- DOP Watch Video

"Dangerous Encounters: Bayou Beasts" - Aligator Snapping Turtles, USA - National Geographic April, 2011:- DOP Watch Video

"Saving Rhino Phila" - Triosphere / SANHU January - June 2011:-FIRST CAMERA, DOP (SAFTA conservation award) Watch Video

"Camel Trek - Kenya" - Samburuland - 20/20, ABC News November 2010:- DOP Watch Video

"Dangerous Encounters - To Catch a Hippo" - Malawi - National Geographic August, 2010:-SECOND CAMERA Watch Video

"Dangerous Encounters - Man Eaters" Crocs; Uganda - National Geographic August, 2010:-SECOND CAMERA Watch Video

"Dangerous Encounters - Robo Snake" - Africa - National Geographic July, 2010:- DOP Watch Video

"Dangerous Encounters - Shark Bite" - Cape Town, South Africa - National Geographic July, 2010:- DOP Watch Video

"Charles and Jessica: a Chimp Tale"  - Triosphere / Animal Planet 2010:-FIRST CAMERA, DOPWatch Video

"The Trapper and the Amazon"  - Jaguars; Amazon - Triosphere / Animal Planet 2010:-FIRST CAMERA, DOP Watch Video

"Into the Pride: with Dave Salmoni"  - Lions; Namibia - Triosphere / Animal Planet July - December, 2008:- FIRST CAMERA, DOP Watch Video

"Escape to Chimp Eden"  - Chimps; Africa - Triosphere / Animal Planet 2007 - 2008 (33 part series):- CAMERA AND PICTURE EDITOR Watch Video

"Dangerous Encounters: Blind Croc Mystery"  - Crocodiles; Costa Rica - National Geographic September, 2007:-SECOND CAMERA Watch Video

"Dangerous Encounters: Hippo Stakeout"  - Hippos; Luangwa, Zambia - National Geographic August, 2007:-SECOND CAMERA Watch Video

"Hunter & Hunted: Rhino Showdown" - Rhinos; South Africa - National Geographic June 2007:-SECOND CAMERA Watch Video

"Hunter & Hunted: Jungle Breakout" - Chimps; Sierra Leone - National Geographic March 2007:-SECOND CAMERA Watch Video

"Into the Lion's Den" - Triosphere / Animal Planet 2005:- CAMERA, PICTURE EDITING Watch Video

"Capricorn Extreme" (7 part series) – National Geographic Channel 2003:-PICTURE EDITOR, SOUND EDITOR AND CAMERA Watch Video


"Impala – Basic Instincts" - Survival Anglia 1998-1999. (For channel 4):- SECOND CAMERA PICTURE EDITOR, SOUND RECORDIST, SOUND EDITOR, DIRECTOR IN POST, LIGHTING DESIGN - Watch Video

"Blackjack – High Stakes" - Survival Anglia 1996-1998. (For channel 4):-ASSISTANT CAMERAMAN, SOUND RECORDIST, LIGHTING DESIGN, DIRECTOR IN POST - Watch Video

"Manyeleti – Place of Stars" - Nature Conservation Films, Holland 1996:-ASSISTANT CAMERAMAN, SOUND RECORDIST, LIGHTING DESIGN, DIRECTOR IN POST

"Kratt's Kreatures" Multi part children's series – Kratt Productions, 6 months 1996:-CAMERAMAN

"Dusk to Dawn" - BBC, Botswana, Mombo 1994:-LIGHTING DESIGN

"BOY SHAMAN (35mm feature shoot)" - John Downer Productions, Botswana, Savuti 1994:-ASSISTANT CAMERAMAN, SOUND RECORDIST, LIGHTING DESIGN

"Beauty and the Beasts – a Leopard's story" – National Geographic Explore 1993-1995:- ASSISTANT CAMERAMAN, SECOND CAMERA, SOUND RECORDIST, LIGHTING DESIGN - Watch Video